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Is Weight Training Dangerous?

Images of powerlifters and bodybuilders straining when lifting heavy weights as well as stories from those who have had various training injuries may mistakenly lead people to believe that weight training is dangerous sport. While there is always a certain level of risk involved studies have shown that weight training is actually one of the safest sporting activities around.

One British study found that teenagers who participated in supervised weight training had a much lower injury rate then those who participated in sports such as basketball, gymnastics, track and field, badminton, rugby, and soccer.

A four year study of 105 college football teams found that weight training injuries amounted to less then 1% of the injuries that resulted in loss of playing time during the season.

A study in London followed 1000 individuals who weight trained with little or no supervision. The study showed that there was approximately 1 injury for every 1000 hours of weight training. The rate for basketball and running is approximately 14 injuries for every 1000 hours of activity.

The bottom line is that with proper instruction weight training is an extremely safe sporting activity.